The importance of Effective Strategic Planning and strategy execution in post-Covid-19 Pandemic Era Evergreen webinar training.

In the recent past, companies and organizations were faced with a difficult time adapting to Covid 19. there was a lot of confusion on the effective allocation of resources and priorities in achieving objectives and goals. It was a moment of unanticipated threats; and called for an immediate/unprepared adaptability strategy to survive in the market.

This training assists the management and organizations to respond to unforeseen emergencies and occurrences that might interfere with the organization’s operations.

Importance of this training

  1. What is strategic planning and evaluates how your organization dedicates its efforts towards implementing that strategy
  2. Focused vision that aligns employees and stakeholders to the organization’s objectives and goals; and how to achieve them
  3. Combat biases in decision making by ensuring analysis of key issues and involvement of all shareholders towards decisions that affect the organization
  4. Enhancing progress through a top-down approach and guaranteeing success that impact all stakeholders’ goals towards the organization’s strategy.
  5. There’s leadership training to enhance skills like coping with leadership challenges
  6. Employee motivation among others